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A thoughtfully designed and implemented commercial property maintenance program performed by qualified personnel, properly equipped and trained, is essential for optimal long-term performance of your commercial property. Mr. Fix It All provides comprehensive property and facility maintenance and repair services for all of your needs.

What is Commercial Maintenance, and why do I need it?
Commercial maintenance takes on a lot of shapes and is necessary for companies in order to maintain doing the work they do day-after-day without any interruption. Mr. Fix It All can provide comprehensive commercial maintenance services... Our comprehensive maintenance and repair services offer a focus on cost control and expense reduction while preserving the long-term physical and economic value of real estate assets, all while we provide the utmost customer satisfaction for you.

Since 1982 Mr. Fix It All has worked with countless Middle Tennessee businesses to help meet all of their commercial maintenance service needs. From build-outs, general maintenance, construction, electrical, carpentry, tile work, floor work, and more, Mr. Fix It All has the qualified staff to make sure your project gets completed on time, and professionally!

Proactive property maintenance will almost always cost less than reactive repairs. By implementing a solid property maintenance plan in place for your business you will in fact probably save you money. Small maintenance repairs that are proactive will usually keep a large malfunction from taking place.

Commercial Property Maintenance services

Building Maintenance and Repairs
Plumbing Repairs
Roof Maintenance and Repairs
Lighting Maintenance and Repairs
Door and Window Repairs
Grounds Maintenance
Concrete Repairs
Site Clean-up

l You determine what services are provided.
l You only pay for the services that you need done.
l You decide how often services are rendered for your property.

Known for excellent service, Mr. Fix It All goes “above and beyond” to ensure we are meeting, and often times exceeding, our clients' commercial maintenance needs and expectations.


Some of our Commercial Clients include:

- Red Lobster
- Signature Cleaners
- Olive Garden
- Longhorn Steak House
- Tim Garrett, State Rep.
- ACS Home Builders
- TN Title Loan
- Dr. Arthur Cushman
- Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce
- Cumberland Trust
- Bank of Nashville
- PEG Contractors
- Springwise
- The Vineyard @ Twelve Stones
- Grace Baptist Church

- Carespot
- The Arlington Company
- Benefits Communications
- Greenwood Properties

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MEMBER: Better Business Bureau, Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce, HBAMT, HBAT

 I would definitely recommend Mr. Fix It All. They respond quickly when a call is placed and each
person that has come by to make repairs for us have always done a great job and they are always so kind. ~ELLEN NORWOOD, BENEFIT COMMUNICATIONS
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